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Digital Inclusion

We know digital access has become ever more important and we want to ensure all patients have the support they need to access services where they would like to.

We are going to work with the Hope Foundation to help support us and you, in developing and improving our Digital confidence.

Hope has been here for people in Middlesbrough since 1995, providing opportunities for learning, access to technology, careers advice, volunteering opportunities and support. Our aim is to improve access to devices and online services, build people’s confidence with technology, increase awareness of what is available to them and the benefits it can bring; so they can not only cope, but excel in the digital world. We understand that technology and using online services can be quite daunting for many people, but we can show you a few simple steps to get you started so you too can enjoy the benefits.

We will be running a series of proactive interventions to target key populations, along with sending out questionnaires to our entire patient population to develop an understanding of who needs support and what the barriers are.

Surveys and questionnaires

New Registrations

Long Term Condition Review