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How to order medications

Order online

Follow this link to order your prescriptions online

How to order prescriptions?

Prescriptions are best ordered online. You need to register to use our online repeat prescription ordering service. Please follow the advice on the Digital Support Page.

If you would like support and guidance with accessing online ordering, or any other online services please visit our digital inclusion information.

Repeat prescriptions can also be ordered by completing the right-hand section of your previous prescription form. You can either leave it at the surgery in the postbox at the front door or send it to us by post.

Your prescription will be ready for collection 48 hours later. If you prefer, we can post it back to you (you will need to provide a stamped, addressed envelope).

Order by email

Please direct all medication requests through the prescription email –

Ordering via telephone

We have a prescription ordering line: please call 01642 856066 and select the prescriptions ordering line OPTION 2.

This line is in operation from 9am until 12pm for ordering AND 2pm until 4pm for queries Monday to Friday and is reserved for the following groups of people:

  • under 10 year olds
  • over 65 year olds
  • Those patients recorded as being severely frail
  • Those patients recorded as having a learning difficulty
  • Those patients on the palliative care register
  • Those patients recorded as having dementia
  • Those patients who are housebound

Please note – prescriptions can only be ordered via telephone during the hours of 9am until 12pm for patients who meet the above criteria.

Commonly asked questions

What is the difference between Repeat Dispensing known as RD and repeat prescriptions?

Repeat Dispensing: The pharmacy holds a set amount of prescriptions issued by the GP (usually for 1 year) this medication can be dispensed monthly without a request being made to the GP each month. This automatically goes to your chemist without you asking for it. For example blood pressure medications.

Repeat Prescriptions: These require a request to be made monthly or weekly (depending on your prescription) in order for a prescription to be authorised by the GP.

There are some medications which cannot be on Repeat Dispensing (RD) for example moisturisers, inhalers, occasional medications. So you may have a combination of both Repeat and Repeat Dispensing items on your repeat prescription list.

NHS prescription charges and exemptions

Go to the NHS website for the latest prescription charges and exemption criteria

Date published: 8th October, 2014
Date last updated: 23rd May, 2024