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Social Prescribing: Great for your mental health

Originally when I started working with my patient Andrew we were just having telephone appointments as Andrew was against meeting face to face.

Andrew was referred to us as he was not leaving the house apart from shopping at Tesco once a week and was classed as pre-diabetic by his GP.

Over the first few initial appointments I worked with Andrew on getting him waking out of the house more which we aimed for 3 times per week for 30 minutes which then went on to become a daily occurrence.

After a few weekly phone appointments myself and Andrew have been meeting regularly for walking meetings around local parks on a near weekly basis.

During these appointments we have continued to work on his healthy habits, improved his sleeping schedule and he has mentioned he eventually wants to start looking for work and getting a career on track.

He has also consented to meeting up with more people on our walking meetings and is currently meeting up with myself a colleague for our walking meetings with the aim of introducing another patient in the near future.


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