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Aarzoo has first-hand experience of working alongside people from diverse backgrounds in therapeutic care work. Her passion for helping those in need stemmed from an interest in helping tackle issues … [continue] Aarzoo


Gerry worked for two Glasgow based mental health charities over a 4-year period before making the move to Middlesbrough and working for a residential living service for 16–18-year-olds living in … [continue] Gerry


TJ’s background is working in occupational therapy. She joined the social prescribing team in 2022 and enjoys working with a diverse group of people and being part of a supportive … [continue] Teresa



Emma has worked within Social Prescribing since April 2020, when it first arrived in Teesside, just as we were finding ourselves in our first lockdown! She loves the holistic and … [continue] Emma



Bridget comes from a teaching background and also working to help people with weight management and encouraging a heathy lifestyle. What she loves about working as a Social Prescribing Link … [continue] Bridget