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Antenatal Care

Routine antenatal check-ups are available with our qualified midwife at the practice.

These are available at both sites, 3 days per week.

Contact the GP surgery either by phone or e consult if you have discovered you are pregnant, it is important to access antenatal care as soon as possible. Continuous antenatal care will be provided by a group of midwives working within the surgery who will co- ordinate care with other health professionals if required.

A few pointers

Please state if you require an interpreter

A booking appointment (90 minutes) is required with a midwife ideally by 12 weeks

When contacting the GP surgery if you are more than 12 weeks pregnant or a midwife booking appointment is not available before 12 weeks of pregnancy you will be signposted appropriately.

For those patients who live within the TS3 area, care will be provided by The Primrose team (not at the GP surgery) when contacting the GP surgery you will be signposted accordingly.


For any urgent advice or to speak to a midwife call the advice line (24/7) available on 01609 763093

Pregnant women are advised to commence folic  acid 400 micrograms. For those with a BMI of 30 and over a prescription is required from the GP for 5 milligrams. 

Vitamin D is also advised 1000iu (25 micrograms)

MATB1 forms if required are routinely issued at 25 or 28 week antenatal appointments with the community midwife – please do not book an appointment to request a MATB1 form.

For further advice please review the healthy start website

For information relating to COVID and pregnancy