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Improving Learning Disability support at Linthorpe Surgery

Here at Linthorpe Surgery we are aligning with the Diamond Standard Pathway for NENC ICB after we have recently made some changes to the way we offer and run our annual health checks for our Learning Disability patients.


  1. We carry out the majority of our reviews at the North Ormesby branch as this offers ease of access with plenty of parking available, one lower ground level and a quieter environment overall.


  1. We have opened a separate waiting room where patients and their carers/support workers can sit and meet the wider healthcare team involved in their care ranging from social prescribers, care co-ordinators and the practices health facilitator working. This is a great opportunity to seek advice and help as the team can provide information or signpost you onwards.


  1. We strive to ensure we are providing information in a user-friendly format.


  1. Appointments are 30 minutes long however longer can be provided if needed.


  1. Photos of the GP are clearly placed on the door, so you know who you are seeing.


  1. A designated care co-ordinator is on site to show you to waiting room and GP room and answer any questions while you wait.


  1. Any reasonable adjustments you have requested will also be adhered to


The practice has a designated care co-ordinator called Melissa Norminton who is available on 01642 988130.


Melissa is available to help with the following:

  • Book in annual health reviews and send out the health action plan after the appointment.
  • Discuss any reasonable adjustments you may need when coming into the practice or when attending an upcoming hospital appointment.
  • Reminder calls or texts before your annual review.
  • Assist with booking in of any other appointments needed in the practice.
  • Offer and provide any support and easy read information on anything the GP or Nurse has discussed with you.
  • Link in with the local services at TEWV and JCUH


What is involved in an annual health review?

  1. Melissa will contact you via your preferred method of contact to find an appointment time that is convenient for you.
  2. Melissa will also ask you some questions to ensure we have correct and updated information before you see the GP
  3. A 30-minute appointment with the GP will be booked and following on from the appointment a health action plan will be sent out
  4. At the appointment you will have chance to meet with the wider team including Melissa

Following these changes see the below quotes from staff members involved:

‘Had great feedback from patients/carers that their appointment with the doctor went really well didn’t feel rushed when in the appointment and they liked receiving the confirmation letters with the doctors picture on and the picture on the door to be able to match up when in the appointment (seeing a friendly recognisable face before the appointment)’

“Felt that had more time”

“Letter, pictures brilliant, pictures on door, really helped”